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Forex(FX) market is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world.

In the 1970's, from a fixed exchange rate to a floating exchange rate, FX began an international transaction. Previously, the FX market was carried out by banks and big financial institutions. But with the progress of innovative technology and the globalization of the market, all traders can participate in FX transactions through the FX company (platform).

The Swiss bank for International Settlements (BIS) in every three years statistics a global financial commodity trading volume pointed out that the average daily trading volume of foreign exchange from $3.3 trillion in April 2007, up to 2010 April to 4 trillion US dollars, in April 2013 reached a record high of $5.3 trillion. 2013, 2010, respectively, compared with three years ago, an increase of 21% and 32%, the average annual growth rate of more than 7% and 10%. It is 50 times the global futures market, more than the stock market and the futures market, is the world's largest and most dynamic financial market.

FX market is not affected by the impact of the global economy, the market continued to flourish. Daily trading volume of the global Forex market, the Swiss bank (UBS) more forecast, the next ten years the global Forex market daily trading volume will reach 10 trillion dollars.

Different from other world markets, FX markets can be traded for 24 hours. All traders can trade at any time. The structure of the Forex market is very complex, can be different from other financial markets, the structure is very simple. Buy when cheap and sell when expensive. The Forex market is varied according to various factors. For example, employment statistics published, price index, oil production, etc.. Traders should pay attention to these factors for trading.

What is the charm of Forex margin trading?


In GTF, you can trade precious metals such as gold (XAUUSD) and silver(XAGUSD) with your MetaTrader4 account.

Precious metals have been a symbol of prosperity and success for many civilizations since ancient times. Since ancient times, gold and silver are the basic, most of the original currency. Therefore, in the period of economic instability, as a safe asset than other currencies, concern.

Precious metals trading refers to the market value of precious metals in the case of low buy high sell to earn the spread of the process. Can also be taken in the case of the economic outlook is not optimistic about the way to take a hedge, in order to achieve the value of the asset value. Precious metals can be used as a tool of value because of the precious metal reserves in the world.

What is the charm of precious metal margin trading?

Stock Indices

Stock indices are typically comprised of the largest stocks in a country’s equities market. With SBS, you can trade the entire index, speculation on market uptrends or downtrends, with the possibility of short-selling to profit from a falling market, Suits both short and long-term trading strategies. So no need to have an opinion about individual stocks in the market. Simply trade the index to capitalize on major moves in the market.


Commodities such as oil or natural gas are becoming more and more popular to trade as the world is seeing increasing volatility. Speculation on future uptrend or downtrend market price movements, ability to go short and profit from falling prices. At SBS, we offer commodity trading in low lot sizes with generous leverage.


CFD (Contracts For Difference) is known as the CFD. Contract is not a physical transaction involving the sale of the goods, the sale of interest or loss of interest in the transaction.

SBS offers trading in stock indices and commodities through our CFD trading products. Please refer to the below table for the contract specifications and trading terms.

While the utmost effort is made to keep the below table up-to-date, changes may happen that are not reflected on this site. Please always refer to the contract specifications seen in the MT4 Trading Platform for the most accurate information.

All times are GMT.

Symbol Name Type Contract size Min. trade size Max. trade size Margin currency Leverage Trading opens Trading closes Trading breaks
AUS200_ Australian 200 Stock index 1 contract 1 lot 100 lots AUD 1:100 Sunday 22:50 Friday 21:00 05:30-06:10 and
Copper_ High Grade Copper Commodity 100 contracts 1 lot 100 lots USD 1:100 Sunday 23:00 Friday 21:45 22:00-23:00
FRA40_ French CAC 40 Stock index 1 contract 1 lot 100 lots EUR 1:100 Monday 7:00 Friday 21:00 21:00-7:00
HKG33_ HK Hang Seng 33 Stock index 1 contract 1 lot 100 lots HKD 1:100 Monday 1:15 Friday 8:15 4:00-5:00 and
JPN225_ Japan Nikkei 225 Stock index 1 contract 1 lot 100 lots JPY 1:100 Monday 00:00 Friday 21:15 21:15-00:00
NAS100_ Nasdaq 100 Stock index 1 contract 1 lot 100 lots USD 1:100 Sunday 23:00 Friday 21:45 21:15-21:30 and
NGAS_ Natural gas Commodity 100 contracts 1 lot 100 lots USD 1:100 Sunday 23:00 Friday 21:45 22:00-23:00
SPX500_ US S&P 500 Stock index 1 contract 1 lot 100 lots USD 1:100 Sunday 23:00 Friday 21:15 21:15-21:30 and
UK100_ UK FTSE 100 Stock index 1 contract 1 lot 100 lots GBP 1:100 Sunday 7:00 Friday 21:00 21:00-7:00
UKOil_ Brent crude oil Commodity 10 contracts 1 lot 100 lots USD 1:100 Monday 1:00 Friday 21:45 22:00-01:00
US30_ Dow Jones 30 Stock index 1 contract 1 lot 100 lots USD 1:100 Sunday 23:00 Friday 21:15 21:15-21:30 and
USOil_ US Crude oil Commodity 10 contracts 1 lot 100 lots USD 1:100 Sunday 23:00 Friday 21:45 22:00-23:00

CFD expiry date

USOil, UKOil, Natural Gas and Copper CFD’s are based on expiring contracts. Any client with positions in these CFDs at the end of expiry time will see all their open positions automatically closed, and their profits or losses realized in their account. The client can open a new CFD in the next month once trading resumesCFD contract expiry.

Month Date Time (Eastern Time)
December 11/18/2016 17:00
January 12/19/2016 17:00
February 1/19/2017 17:00
March 2/20/2017 17:00
April 3/20/2017 17:00
May 4/19/2017 17:00
June 5/19/2017 17:00
July 6/19/2017 17:00
August 7/19/2017 17:00
September 8/21/2017 17:00
October 9/19/2017 17:00

Month Date Time (Eastern Time)
December 10/28/2016 17:00
January 11/29/2016 17:00
February 12/28/2016 17:00
March 1/30/2017 17:00
April 2/27/2017 17:00
May 3/30/2017 17:00
June 4/27/2017 17:00
July 5/30/2017 17:00
August 6/29/2017 17:00

Month Date Time (Eastern Time)
December 11/25/2016 17:00
January 12/27/2016 17:00
February 1/26/2017 17:00
March 2/23/2017 17:00
April 3/28/2017 17:00
May 4/25/2017 17:00
June 5/25/2017 17:00
July 6/27/2017 17:00
August 7/26/2017 17:00
September 8/28/2017 17:00

Month Date Time (Eastern Time)
December 11/23/2016 17:00
March 2/23/2017 17:00
May 4/25/2017 17:00


Rollover takes place at 5pm New York (EST) every day. Any positions that are open at 5pm are considered to be held overnight, and are subject to rollover. A position opened at 5:01 pm is not subject to rollover until the next day, while a position opened at 4:59 pm is subject to rollover at 5 pm.

Rollover rates are updated according to the prevailing interest rates, and can be viewed in the MT4 platform.


Standard leverage for all CFD instruments is 100: 1 for the all accounts.

For risk management purposes, we reserve the right to reduce leverage for larger accounts.