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Global Trade Finance Group Inc. is a platform company, it is a system that uses ganatrader intellisystem. If there is a better system in the world, the company is welcome to test it. The company's platform can be said to be the lowest spread in the platform industry to provide system companies, and a huge supply of SERVER. Welcome to the soft system company and the white label company.

Funds security

We work with the world's top banks, customer funds and corporate funds completely separate principle, the company accounts and customer funds are stored separately, to completely protect the security of customer funds. At the same time, all customers have a negative balance of protection (Automatic Risk Management), customer losses will never be greater than the balance of their accounts.

Real STP execution

We continue to invest in and achieve the technological development, do not distinguish between customer equity, investment size, all customer transactions 100% automatic execution, with the most advanced technology to make all customer transactions enter the real forex market liquidity, stable, transparent, no delay, no refusal, no repeat offer, no trader interference.

Order execution fast

Our servers are located in the same data centers as the world's leading financial institutions and more than 60 financial services providers, providing high-quality, low-latency connectivity that achieves the usual Internet speed of more than 100 times.

Leverage up to 1000:1

Leverage up to 1000:1, to provide customers with a variety of leveraged trading environment and trading experience.

Our Business Model

All client orders are automatically passed on to the ECN (Electronic Communication Network) market via GTF's servers. Trades are executed at market prices using Market Execution.